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Good luck all
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CashTravel Advert Offers / Re: Referrals Pre-Order
« on: February 13, 2019, 09:50:53 AM »
Hi, all

As all of you know that we are lack of referrals all the time. Once we put referrals on sale, it would be gone within hours.
All referrals on CashTravel are real human beings. That's why there is shortage of referrals.

When it comes to referral purchase, some people do not read our message before they made referrals purchase.

For example:

As indicated in the message, we have only 1 active referral, but some members just wouldn't read the message, and made a purchase of 50 or 60 referrals. As a result, member will only be assigned 1 referrals instead of 50 or 60 referrals.

So, here comes our new referral purchase rules.
All members who wish to purchase referrals will have to pre-order. That is fair to all of our members, as we all live in different places in the world, and we have time differences.
For example, some of our members who wish to buy referrals, might be sleeping while the referrals were on sale, by the time they wake up, all the referrals are gone.
And the referrals pre-order will avoid those problems.

How referrals pre-order works:
Members who wish to buy referrals will have to contact us. Tell us the amount of referrals would like to order.
For example, let's say the member would like to order 50 referrals.
Then we will guaranteed that we will assign 50 referrals under his/her account within 3 days.
And the member has to make the pre-order deposit first.
Then after 3 days, we will assign 50 referrals as we guaranteed under his/her account.
So, deal is done.

CashTravel only sells referrals that have been active within 10 days and have a minimum of 10 clicks.
Minimum pre-order: 10 referrals.
Members own the referrals forever.

Price List
10 referrals      $4.93
15 referrals      $7.25
20 referrals      $9.56
25 referrals      $11.88
30 referrals      $14.19
40 referrals      $18.82
50 referrals      $23.45
60 referrals      $28.08

How to pre-order referrals:
Contact us via e-mail or reply this thread about your wish to pre-order. Tell us the amount of referrals you would like to pre-order.
Then we will make a guarantee of the days when the referrals would be assigned under your account.
If we both agree, you will have to send the pre-order deposit into our paypal or payza account.
And the referrals would be assigned under your account as we guaranteed.

very good and thanks

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