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Title: Updates & Adjustments
Post by: admin on August 02, 2012, 10:58:47 AM
Hi, all

It's been a while, isn't it? lol...
I am busy recently, so that's why I am not so active in the forum.
But I did reply the support ticket on time, as well as sent the payment to members within 24 hours.

Ok, here is some updates on cashtravel.

I have just set upgrade bonus link to $0.035
So, upgraded member won't lose money if you click ads everyday, even if you don't have a single referral.
You may not make fast money as other sites do, but you will always get paid by your hard work!

Membership Adjustment
Upgraded Monthly - 20% Downline Earnings Adjusted to 25% Downline Earnings
Upgraded Yearly - 25% Downline Earnings Adjusted to 30% Downline Earnings
Each are increased by 5% of your referrals' earning.

Also, I am still waiting for the designer to design the "ads page" and "account page".
It will look much better after we install the new design of those pages.