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Hi, all

CashTravel now offers monthly fixed ads.
For this offer, you will get a full month of PTC link (Value of the PTC link will be set at $0.001/click), a full month of banner and a full month of featured ad.
The cost is only for $35.

To get this offer,

1. You will have to register on CashTravel, so that you can track your ads status.
2. Send payment to [email protected] (For both Paypal and Payza).
3. Send your payment transaction number and ads details to [email protected] , e-mail format will be given below.

E-mail format:

Your CashTravel username: xxxxxx
(Paypal or Payza) Transaction number: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

PTC Ad title:
PTC Ad Banner URL:
PTC Ad Subtitle (if any):

Banner Title:
Banner URL:

Featured Ad Title:
Featured Ad URL:

Your monthly Fixed Ads will be set up within 1 day after we receive the payment and ads details.


Ads Status

jiazihan - Ads Title: HQ Bux Network - Ads starting date 2015.9.22(Ends on 2015.10.24) - Link only
culsun - Ads Title: TrillestClicks Free Premium - Ads starting date 2015.10.7(Ends on 2015.11.9)
jiazihan - Ads Title: Grandbux - Ads starting date 2015.10.17(Ends on 2015.11.18) - Link only
jiazihan - Ads Title: Clixsense - Ads starting date 2015.10.17(Ends on 2015.11.18) - Link only
jiazihan - Ads Title: Wordlinx - Ads starting date 2015.10.17(Ends on 2015.11.18) - Link only
sur5031 - Ads Title: PTC HOSTING - Ads starting date 2016.11.5(Ends on 2016.12.6)
sur5031 - Ads Title: BOXPTC - Ads starting date 2016.11.24(Ends on 2016.12.25)
sur5031 - Ads Title: PTC Hosting - Ads starting date 2017.3.30(Ends on 2017.4.30)
sur5031 - Ads Title: Boxptc Earn More - Ads starting date 2018.5.21(Ends on 2018.6.25)
Monthly Featured Ad - Ads Title: Get paid to enjoy life - Ads starting date 2019.4.4(Ends on 2019.5.5)
SaiyanShabbir - Ads Title: Free Training Webinar - Register Your Seat Now - Ads starting date 2019.10.23(Ends on 2019.11.24)

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